Axiom Verge Coming to the Nintendo Switch; Will Have a Physical Release

Axiom Verge Coming to the Nintendo Switch; Will Have a Physical Release

Update: World 1-1 Podcast group has issued a correction. Axiom Verge is still not confirmed for Switch.

Back in February, Publisher BadLand Games announced that it had struck deal with lone-wolf developer Thomas Happ to publish his indie-hit Axiom Verge at retail on the PS4, Wii U, and PS Vita.

As you may know, in the past Happ and PR rep Dan Adelman have also talked about bringing the game to Switch. Now, we have confirmation the game is coming to the Switch, as well as news that it will be joining the above listed platforms and getting a physical release on the Nintendo’s new system.

The news comes via Thomas Happ himself, who appeared on the latest episode of  the World 1-1 Podcast. While speaking about his game, Happ confirmed a Switch version is coming.

As for the physical release, it is looking like it will not only include the game, but a physical manual, a documentary about the game, and possibly a copy of the soundtrack.

Axiom Verge is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS Vita, PC, Mac, and Linux. The upcoming retail editions of the game for PS4, PS Vita, and Wii U are due sometime during Q2 2017. The Switch version of the game is currently without a release date or window. Further, it’s unclear if BadLand Games will be publishing the Switch version at retail or if it will be handled by someone else.