Why Was Twitch Streamer Aydan Banned From Warzone?

Aydan was hit with the ban hammer mid-tournament!

By Kyle Knight

March 16, 2021

It looks like one of the world’s most popular Call of Duty streamers, Aydan, has been banned from Warzone. But what was the reason? We’ve put together everything there is to know with the ban situation, and if Aydan will be able to play again. 

Aydan was recently in the news for breaking a world record in Warzone, after racking up an insane amount of kills in a game of Quads. Aydan and his three other teammates managed to rack up a mind boggling 150 kills in a single game, but there was some controversy to go with it. The team were actually placed in a skill bracket MUCH lower than theirs, meaning they were essentially just pub stomping.

Who Is Aydan?

Aydan Conrad is a Twitch streamer and content creator who is best known for his Fortnite and Call of Duty content. After beginning his career in content creation back in 2017, he has quickly become one of the biggest names around.

Aydan has over 1 million subscribers on Youtube, and over 2 million followers on Twitch.

Why Was Aydan Banned From Warzone? 

UPDATE: It looks like the reason for Aydan’s Warzone ban has been revealed, the whole thing was actually a stunt by the Twitch streamer. Aydan is currently teasing potentially signing with a new esports organisation, and this was his way of keeping all eyes on him, bravo!

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On March 16, Aydan was streaming Warzone and even competing in an on-going tournament, when all of a sudden he was kicked from the game and greeted with the message “Account Permenantly Banned” and could only select “Return to desktop”. Of course, Aydan had absolutely no idea why he was banned, and neither did the rest of his stream.

So, when you’re one of the most popular content creators around, how do you just get banned from Warzone? Well, it looks like it may have been a simple mistake. Earlier today (March 16, 2021), Raven Software took to Twitter to announce they had released a fresh ban wave for Warzone, meaning anyone that was suspected of cheating by Raven will have been instantly banned.

It’s rare, but there have previously been reports of incorrect bans when a new ban wave is enforced. So, it’s likely that Aydan was extremely unlucky and was simply banned incorrectly.

Of course, there’s no official reason as to why Raven banned Aydan, and there is a possibility that he was in fact cheating to some degree. But we believe this is highly unlikely, when you stream the game to thousands of viewers, you wouldn’t want to risk being caught and your career being tarnished.

What Next?

Well, Aydan didn’t end his stream after the ban, he actually pulled up a game of Chess to pass the time, before moving onto the new season of Fortnite.

When you’ve got as many followers as Aydan, he’ll likely have contacts at Raven or Activision and will have the issue resolved in due course. We’ll make sure to keep you updated as the situation becomes clearer.

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