Minecraft Azalea Tree - Where To Find, Lush Caves Marker, and Usage

The new Azalea Tree acts as a marker for the Lush Caves!

The Azalea Tree is one of the many new features and items available in the hotly anticipated Caves and Cliffs update for Minecraft. Also known as the 1.17 update, Part 1 of Caves and Cliffs is available right now.

There’s plenty to be discovered in the games biggest update ever, check out the link below to find out all about the new Copper Ore block!

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Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I – Official Trailer

Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I – Official Trailer

Minecraft 1.17 Update

Version 1.17 of Minecraft is available for all platforms right now, otherwise known as Part 1 of the Caves and Cliffs update. An update so big, Mojang Studios were forced to release it in 2 parts.

With Part 1 available right now, players can jump into a whole heap of content. Unfortunately, the new terrain generation we’ve all been waiting for won’t be available until Part 2.

For now, you’ll have to put up with the following new features and blocks:

  • The adorable Axolotl
  • The incredibly cute Goat (Beware of its ramming tendencies)
  • Glow Squid and Glow Ink!
  • Plenty of new blocks, including Amethyst, Dripleaf, and Copper
  • New items such as the Spyglass and Lightning Rods

There’s sure to be plenty more to discover, check out the official Minecraft website to read more about update 1.17.

Azalea Tree Minecraft

The Azalea Tree is a type of tree introduced in the Caves and Cliffs update, it is used as a marker for the Lush Caves underground. Players will be able to locate Lush Caves by coming across the Azalea Tree above ground, as these trees only grow above Lush Caves. The roots of the tree will extend deep down into the cave.

This will also be the first type of tree in Minecraft to have subterranean roots. The following blocks are obtainable from the Azalea Tree in Minecraft:

  • Azalea Leaves (harvested with shears)
  • Flowering Azalea Leaves (harvested with shears)
  • Azalea (from azalea leaves ‌Bedrock Edition only)
  • Flowering Azalea (from flowering azalea leaves ‌Bedrock Edition only)
  • Oak Log (harvested with any tool, including hands)
  • Stripped Oak Log (created by using an axe on a log)
  • Rooted Dirt (harvested with any tool, including hands)
  • Hanging Roots (harvested with shears)

Check out an image of the Azalea Tree in Minecraft below!

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