Azur Lane Gridman Dynazenon Collab All News, Ships, Skins Revealed

Azur Lane is holding an SSSS Gridman and SSSS Dynazenon anime collab,

November 20, 2021

Yostar and Manjuu held on November 20 a special Azur Lane stream fully revealing the content coming with the SSSS Gridman and SSSS Dynazenon collab event, with Rikka, Akane, Yume, and more appearing as Ship Girls with paid Skins.

The stream featured Mafia Kajita as MC, Yostar marketing director Dai Miwaki, and two seiyuu: Yume Miyamoto (Rikka Takarada) and Shion Wakayama (Yume Minami).

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Fortnite | Naruto Trailer

Fortnite | Naruto Trailer

Azur Lane SSSS Gridman, Dynazenon collab date, ship girls

The Gridman and Dynazenon event in Azur Lane is titled “The World Where the Arc Light Intersects” and will be held from November 25 to December 9, 2021.

The following characters from Gridman and Dynazenon will be available as ship girls for construction during the event:

  • SSR light cruiser Takarada Rikka (CV: Yume Miyamoto)
  • SSR battleship Shinjo Akane (CV: Reina Ueda)
  • SSR heavy cruiser Minami Yume (CV) : Wakayama Shion)
  • SSR Aircraft Carrier Asukagawa Chise (CV: Chika Anzai)
  • SR Heavy Cruiser Namiko (CV: Suzuko Mimori)
  • SR Light Cruiser Hass (CV: Akari Kito)

Check them out in the gallery below. Keep in mind illustrations shown during the Azur Lane streams are always unfinished and subject to change.

You’ll also be able to get Chise and Mujina through Event items. The collab stages also have a special gimmick, with the characters supporting you when a certain gauge is full.

New furniture will also be added, and Rikka also has items to strengthen her Skills.

Rikka, Akane, Yume, Chise, Mujina, Namiko, Hassu Skins, collab trailer

All the Gridman and Dynazenon characters will have a separate paid Skin too. Note that you’ll be able to buy these skins from November 25 to December 8. Check them out in the gallery below.

Bremerton and Independence will also get special Skins:

New ship girl is META version of Hiyou, new skin for Colorado

Lastly, the next season mission will add Hiyou META (voiced by Seiko Yoshida). The Cruise Pass will be sold starting December 1 to January 2022, and it’ll get you a new skin for Colorado.

Nwew figures, merch, IRL events

A new IRF x Azur Lane IRL collab event with Yamaha is happening. Azur Lane will appear at the Suzuka Sunday Road Race on December 4 and 5. A lot of new merch got revealed as well including bunny figures for Washington and North Carolina. I’m sure you can get the details yourself if you actually plan to buy any of this.

You can find the full stream below, alongside the usual end of shot stream with all the guests. The collab will also net us free rewards:

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