Bullet Hell Shooter Azure Reflections Is Now Out on Nintendo Switch at Discounted Price

Sony Music publishing label has released Azure Reflections, a colorful PS4 bullet hell shooter to Nintendo Switch, currently at a discounted price.

After a release on PS4 earlier this year, side-scrolling bullet hell shooter Azure Reflections is now available on Nintendo Switch. Strangely enough, the game is from Unties Games, a Sony publishing label.

Azure Reflections is an unofficial installment of what is called the “Touhou Project,” a series said to be “the most prolific fan-made shooter series.” Taking place in a realm known as Gensokyo, players will fight off enemy “youkai” as Touhou Project protagonist Reimu.

The shooter has multiple playable characters, all with unique traits and abilities. Players can upgrade their skills with a variety of accessories, including shoes, masks, and eyewear, and quirkier items like mustaches, bunny ears, and devil wings.

Expect to navigate through complex bullet patterns, a staple of the genre. Gear will allow players to increase their speed, shrink their hitbox, and amplify their pick-up radius.

Developed by Souvenir Circ., best known for the game Croixleur Sigma, Azure Reflections is out now on the Nintendo Switch. On both the eShop and the PlayStation Store, the game is 30% off from its usual price of $24.99—the discount will last until September 12. Check out the trailer and some screenshots below.

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