Azure Striker Gunvolt Anime OVA Gets Delayed to January

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Inti Creates has updated the release date for the Azure Striker Gunvolt anime OVA. Originally set to release Winter 2016, the anime is now going to premier January 2017 on the Nintendo 3ds eShope in North America, Europe, and Japan.

The anime will follow characters from the fast paced action platformer series of the same name as well as feature some voice acting.

The developer details the new release date:

Right now, we are aiming towards releasing the Gunvolt anime in North America, Europe, and Japan next month (January 2017), so we will keep doing what we can to make that happen. As soon as we have a release date(s) nailed down, we will share that information with you guys. Thanks for your understanding, and we hope you enjoy the anime when it comes out!

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