Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Will Introduce Baby Sonic, Baby Yoda's Rival

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie that's due to launch in 2020 will feature a brand new take on the speedy video game character, a Baby Sonic.

Must I grow more and more irritated at the marketing strategy that seems to turn popular characters into a wee little baby? I believe it’s a tactic to create something cute to generate merchandise that everyone will want. I mean, come on, you won’t see a kid asking its parents for a 900-year-old Yoda, but create a baby-faced Yoda and kids will scream for the chance to hug it. Now it seems SEGA’s Sonic is the next one in line with the baby faced merch.

In an exclusive Japanese trailer for 2020s Sonic the Hedgehog movie, we’ve been given a glimpse into what Sonic himself would look like as a baby. While the introduction of Baby Sonic points in the direction of part of an origin story, and while he looks adorable, I can’t help but growl at the fact it’s perfect for merchandise opportunities.

The trailer that is below, shows the baby hedgehog rushing across Emerald Hill Zone and then is shortly followed by him offering a flower to an off-camera character while looking adorable and innocent. Oh look, and then comes a screen that shows a keychain version of Baby Sonic! How long until we get plushies!?

The official SEGA Twitter account which is in Japanese announced the arrival of Baby Sonic for the first time ever. The translation states that the character has never been drawn before and will first appear in the movie.

There is also a Japanese poster that features the new Baby Sonic sat down with the flower. All I can say is it looks a damn sight cuter than Eddie Murphy’s take on the blue hedgehog in cake form.

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