Back 4 Blood: When Does The Beta End? Time Confirmed - BST to EST/PDT

If you have been invited to the Early Access Open Beta, it's time to jump in.

August 9, 2021

Back 4 Blood Open Beta is now live and the end date has been set for earlier next week. Let’s have a look at the Open Beta content.

The highly anticipated co-op shooter from Turtle Rock Studios, Back 4 Blood, is now available in the Early Access Open Beta phase across all platforms. Supporting cross-play between platforms, it wouldn’t take too long to get involved in a match, even in the Open Beta phase.

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Back 4 Blood targets an early October launch this year, and this is the first Open Beta phase of the game on all platforms. It’s yet to be seen whether there would be more beta sessions in the future, but the feedback from players are important.


How Long is Back 4 Blood Open Beta?

Well, for a multiplayer game featuring both PvP and PvE modes, it’s hard to guess that how long it takes to finish the game if there’s an end for it at all. But you could probably find the answer yourself once you know about the available content in the Open Beta.

Both PvP and PvE modes are available in the Open Beta phase. Each mode features two different maps in Open Beta. As you may already guess, it would take much longer to finish a PvE match rather than a PvP one, but it’s somehow impossible to guess how long it would take to finish a match.

In PvE mode, the game benefits from a Card system that not only changes the player perks every time but also affects the challenges you would face during the match. This is the reason why the game is unpredictable.

When Does Back 4 Blood Open Beta End?

The first run of Back 4 Blood Open Beta started on August 5 and will end on August 9.

The time has now been confirmed by WB as the following:

  • Midday PDT
  • 2 PM CT
  • 3 PM ET
  • 8 PM BST

This is the Early Access phase of the Open Beta and it requires invitation codes. But, there is no need to worry if you’re going to miss it, as the main Open Beta phase will begin on August 12 and will be around until August 16.

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