Backbreaker 2 is Officially in Development

With a lot of hot buzz going on around Backbreaker going gold and being approved for a soon-to-be-released demo on Xbox Live, the gamer world appears optimistic that this will be something worth looking into upon release this June. You can check out the Backbreaker video we posted about throwing a perfect pass here and see that the potential is there for this title to be great and even comparable to those other football games out there while at the same time adding something new. It is somewhat a shock that so early a sequel has been confirmed for the new intellectual property but that is exactly what has happened.

WiredFans reports that the twitter released by Torsten Reil is an obvious confirmation that there will be a Backbreaker sequel. In an interesting and excited manner Reil has just confirmed that Backbreaker will become a franchise. Here is the actual message that went out for the public to digest May 18th:

Torsten Reil “Yes – Backbreaker went GOLD last week! Looking forward to launch party. Most of team already rolled onto BB2.”


Jon Ireson

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