Now Backpack Kid is Suing Epic Games and Fortnite Because His Mommy Says He's Being "Taken Advantage Of"

More "famous" dancers continue to come forward trying to make a quick buck off of Epic Games for utilizing their moves in Fortnite.

By Logan Moore

December 18, 2018

Another day, another person trying to cash in on their modicum of “fame” by suing Epic Games and Fortnite for utilizing their own dance moves in-game.

This time around, the famous household name Backpack Kid (Russell Horning), the supposed inventor of the Floss dance, is looking to milk a few bucks out of Epic. If you’ve been around any child under ten years old within the last 6 months, you’re likely familiar with the Floss dance. While the move made waves when Backpack Kid showed if off to a large audience on Saturday Night Live in 2017Fortnite is what has made the dance even more widespread and popular.

Now, Backpack Kid–and his mom and manager–are suing Fortnite and Epic Games for not shooting any money his way for using the move in-game. Speaking to TMZ today, Backpack Kid said, “It was really my mom and manager who did the lawsuit. I’m kind of just a kid — having fun in life. I’m just letting all of the adults do the busywork.”

Backpack Kid admitted that he didn’t really care about the money in this situation but his mother insisted that Fortnite was taking advantage of him which is why they decided to sue. When also asked if he would be looking to sue everyone who uses the Floss dance move because, well, everyone in America seems to be doing it, BK stated, “I don’t really know if I can sue everyone but my mom and my manager, they just think that Fortnite is who’s really taking advantage of me.”

To me, this all reads like a situation where this kid’s mom is trying to cash in on her son’s 15 minutes of fame before it all comes crashing down. I’m going to take a guess that our pal Backpack Kid isn’t going to have a lucrative career being, uh, a dancing kid wearing a backpack, so gunning for Epic Games now while you can makes sense, I guess.

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It’s also worth noting that good ol’ Backpack Kid also competed earlier this year at the Fortnite Pro-Am that took place during E3. Heck, he even had a poster hanging up from the event that you can see in the background of his room during his conversation with TMZ. The kid clearly seems to be a fan of the game and he’s previously even stated that he’s glad Flossing was added to Fortnite to begin with.

This whole suing Epic Games thing over dance moves is getting pretty out of hand. While I don’t know how valid a lot of these lawsuits actually are in court, I’m guessing that most of these folks are just hoping that Epic Games will settle out of court and cut them a quick check. The whole thing seems quite petty in my eyes. I guess that’s America in 2018, though.

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