BAFTA Games Awards Roundup – Outer Wilds Takes The Top Prize

BAFTA Games Awards Roundup – Outer Wilds Takes The Top Prize

Outer Wilds came out on top during today's BAFTA Game Awards with other titles taking prizes from numerous different categories.

Today the BAFTA Games Awards were held digitally to recognize the best of the best video games in 2019. Popular titles like Control, Untitled Goose Gameand Apex Legends all walked away with a prize in different categories, but it was Outer Wilds from Mobius Games that won top honors in Best Game at the show.

Here are all the winners from every category given out tonight.


Animation – Luigi’s Mansion 3 

Artistic Achievement – Sayonara Wild Hearts

Audio Achievement – Ape Out 

Best Game – Outer Wilds

British Game – Observation 

Debut Game – Disco Elysium 

Evolving Game – Path of Exile


Family – Untitled Goose Game

Game Beyond Entertainment – Kind Words (Lo-Fi Chill Beats To Write To)

Game Design – Outer Wilds 

Multiplayer – Apex Legends 

Music – Disco Elysium 

Narrative – Disco Elysium 

Original Property – Outer Wilds 

Performer in a Leading Role – Gonzalo Martin as Sean Diaz (Life is Strange 2) 

Performer in a Supporting Role – Martti Suosalo as The Janitor (Control)


Technical Achievement – Death Stranding

EE Mobile Game of the Year (Voted for by the Public) – Call of Duty: Mobile

Along with the game awards industry icon Hideo Kojima (creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise as well as the more recent Death Strandingwas recognized with the BAFTA Fellowship which is considered the highest honor that can be given from the organization.

2019 more than recent years has seen a wide variety of games taking Game of the Year prizes including ControlUntitled Goose Game, and even Judgment from the team here at Dualshockers. There are plenty of great games to play, especially now where we should make it our best effort to stay indoors and play video games.