Bakasura, The Great Devourer Joins Smite

on July 20, 2012 6:34 PM

Hi-Rez Studios recently uploaded a reveal trailer for Bakasura, who will be joining the cast in their multiplayer online battle arena, Smite. A hindu demon asura, Bakasura’s insatiable hunger plays directly into his playstyle. As Bakasura kills enemies, his insatiable hunger passive grants attack speed boost that stacks up to 20% and refreshes itself if enemies are killed before it runs out. His takedown ability does AOE damage and reduces the attack power of any enemy hit.

The very epitome of a snowball character, he is also able to consume enemy minions to heal himself and gain a speed boost for a few seconds. Buffed minions can be consumed at 33% health, and the buff will carry over to Bakasura. His ultimate skill, regurgitate, will do damage to any enemy hit by the vomit and also summon any minion that was previously eaten to aid Bakasura in battle. You can check the reveal trailer below, Smite is currently in closed beta.

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