Bake 'n Switch Adds 2 Bakers, 3 Buns, and a New World With 50 Levels

Bake 'n eat all the dough.

If you were a fan of Overcooked, you’ll probably have your eyes on Bake ‘n Switch, a game heading to PC and Nintendo Switch, and developed by Streamline Games. The general idea of the game is to use various living dough creatures, merging them and baking them to please the guardians that are hungry.

Players take control of bakers who run around trying to frantically please the guardians by making them edible food. In a new trailer that launched today, we get to see 3 new types of buns, 2 new playable bakers, and 1 new world. You can find the new trailer below.

The new world that has been introduced to be arriving to Bake ‘n Switch is the Serradurra desert which apparently comes with 50 co-op levels at hand for players to challenge themselves in. The new bun creatures come with this new world as well, and are named Aramdough, Fluff Fox, and Bunboa. I’d say the names are fairly self-explanatory.

The two new bakers who will be available in the game are Sage and Salt. While you don’t really get much of an introduction to them, you do see them in action in the trailer running around. Sage is able to create a witchy brew that sucks in enemies and immediately bakes nearby Buns, and Salt has a grappling hook to grab those doughs that might run away. This content seems to bring the total of levels to 100, with 6 bakers, and 7 species of Buns.

Bake ‘n Switch is slated to launch at some point this summer for both PC and Nintendo Switch. A playable demo is available on Steam. As for the PS4 version, it’s just “around the corner.”

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