Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Creative Director Talks Beamdog Exclusivity, Piracy, Boxed Release Stalled

on July 25, 2012 11:18 AM

A real hubbub came out of the confirmation on the fact that Baldur’s Gate Enchanced Edition won’t be released on Steam. Some even went as far as threatening to pirate the game if it won’t see the light on Valve’s popular digital distribution service.

The game’s Creative Director Trent Oster, posted a few lines on twitter today to clarify the situation, and give us some insight on Overhaul Games’ policy about piracy.

First of all, he repeated that Baldur’s Gate Enchanced Edition will indeed be a Beamdog exclusive, at least at launch. He also clarified how the launcher will work:

I like Steam, but our biz deal is for an exclusive launch. So we sell through Beamdog and deliver direct, similar to Blizzard on Starcraft 2

With a purchase through Beamdog, you will get a launcher app which checks for updates, then launches the game and shuts down. No client.

He then moved on to talk about the development studio’s policy about piracy and how to counter its negative influence.

The only way to totally beat piracy is to mimic Diablo3 and make an online service. I’d rather put the effort into the game.

Our anti-piracy strategy is value. We plan to do updates, people who buy get the updates direct, pirates will have to work at it.

Oster also shared an update (and unfortunately not a positive one) about the possible boxed launch of the game.

Boxed product negotiations are stalled. We’re trying to get it moving, but no recent movement.

Personally, I can’t really care the less about what service I have to use to purchase a game, as long as I get to play it. I have been waiting to replay the Baldur’s Gate saga for a long time, after all.

I can just hope that the boxed release will indeed happen. There’s a nice empty spot to the side of the original boxes of the game and its expansion. I’d really like to be able to fill it.

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