Ballistic Overkill Gets New Update that Significantly Improves Player Matchmaking

The latest update for Ballistic Overkill adds improved player matchmaking, auto balancing in matches and more.

on July 18, 2017 12:34 AM

Aquiris Game Studio released a new update today for its fast paced PvP shooter Ballistic Overkill. The latest update brings improvements to player matchmaking, auto balancing in matches, and some balance changes to some of the classes.

In the latest update, which is currently available to download, the developers have completely reworked and improved the way player matchmaking is handled in Ballistic Overkill. Previously, the game usually had servers that were either too empty or almost full. I remember countless times when I would be placed in a lobby of 2v2 or even 1v1. That’s not the most fun way to enjoy a team based first person shooter. However, with the latest update, players will experience much smoother matchmaking in terms of player lobbies but also in regards to player region and latency. The wait time for a match may be a little longer, but the wait will definitely be worth it in the end. If the game doesn’t find a good server in 2 minutes then it will place you in a more crowded server while still aiming for best ping and occupancy.

Additionally, the update is also bringing back its auto balance feature. Now when a match ends the game will redistribute players so that the top players on each team aren’t playing on the same team time and time again. While this eliminates the ability to choose the team you want to be on, it should help out with team balance.

Ballistic Overkill is currently available on PC via Steam for $11.99.

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