Bandai Namco Teases Mysterious New Game

Bandai Namco Teases Mysterious New Game

A new teaser site hints to a brand new game by Bandai Namco that will be revealed on December 4th, with no further clues. What could it be?

Today, Bandai Namco Entertainment opened a new teaser website for a new and mysterious game.

Absolutely no information is provided, and the site only shows a microwave that, when clicked, drops an egg, then displaying the words “10 days left.”

There is no mention of genre, platforms or release windows. All we know is that the reveal will come on December 4th.

There isn’t even any hint in the source code of the site since all the relevant fields have been left blank (looks like they’re starting to understand where we look. Cheeky…).

The only possible clue is the URLĀ itself, that includes the word or acronym “mhaoj.” What does it mea

Of course, this could easily be a teaser for My Tamagotchi Forever for mobile, that just had a soft launch yesterday in several countries, but as far as I know, has not been announced for Japan just yet.

For now, all we can do is waiting. We’ll let you know as soon as we do.