Bandai Namco and Twitch Partner to Create the Tekken World Tour eSports Tournament

Bandai Namco and Twitch Partner to Create the Tekken World Tour eSports Tournament

In a partnership with streaming platform Twitch, Bandai Namco has unveiled the creation of the Tekken World Tour, a new eSports tournament for the upcoming fighting game.

Today, Bandai Namco Entertainment announced a new eSports tournament for its soon-to-be-released fighting game Tekken 7. This new competitive league is called the Tekken World Tour, and comes via a partnership between Bandai Namco and video platform Twitch.

Hervé Hoerdt, Vice President of Marketing at Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe said the following about the new tournament and the partnership with Twitch:

Tekken 7 is one of the most recognized fighting brands in the video game industry. Twitch represents the community hub for videogame contents. The synergy between an incredible franchise and the home of the fighting game community offers infinite possibilities. One of these is the Tekken World Tour. The aim is to offer a thrilling experience of Tekken 7 to all fans around world. Thanks to Twitch now they can be part of it. This is just the beginning and we are confident that this will be an exciting journey.

Competitors who take part in the Tekken World Tour will be fighting for the right to win over $200,000 in prize money. Fighters will compete with one another based upon region — the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific — until the best from each region will come together to compete in the Tekken World Tour finals. Along the way, all of fights within the tournament will be broadcasted on Twitch which is the exclusive streaming platform for this competitive league.

Bandai Namco also released a new trailer today to promote the new tournament, which you can find below. If you want to learn more about the tournament, then you can head over to the Tekken World Tour official website. As for the actual game, Tekken 7 will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on June 2.