Bandai’s Chogokin Aigis Now Available For Purchase

on September 10, 2011 6:00 PM

Remember that Aigis Bandai was making that I posted about a few months ago? It’s available for purchase now.

It’s definitely not as good as the Shigenori Soejima one Alter is making, but if you’ve got cash to spare and you really, really love Aigis, here’s another Aigis fig.

You can pick it up from here for 3,630 Yen (about $47), but, seriously, if I were you, I’d save my cash for the Alter. And then I’d never buy another Aigis figure again, because goddamn, man. There are enough of those. And I’m still sitting here, waiting on someone to make a Chie fig. Or a Naoto fig. Or a fig of either MC from Persona 3/4.

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