Bandai's New Pokemon Black/White Candy Toys Up for Preorder

By Justin Hutchison

May 1, 2011

Pokemon and candy: a great combination. You can get both with Bandai’s new line of Pokemon Black/White candy toy packs. You can buy one fig/candy at a time from some retailers, but if you’re too lazy, you can just order a box-full from here. The pack includes twenty figs/candies and there are fifteen individual figs you can get, so chances are you’ll get them all from one pack, but it is randomly sorted, so it’s all up to chance.

They also have another pack with a few different figures featured in Best Wishes which you can get here. A few are of the same Pokemon but in different poses.

The packs are now up for preorder and are set to release later this May, so get your orders ready before they’re sold out. Each is priced at 2,010 Yen or roughly $25 US.

[Thanks to Tumblr user sh*tdisco for the tip. A good blog for all of you Tumblr users who are into figures.]

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