BanG Dream! New Switch Game And Anime Movie - Everything We Know

BanG Dream is actually coming to Switch in 2021 alongside a new anime movie.

Bushiroad announced on February 28 that a brand new BanG Dream! Girls Band Party game is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021. Bushiroad made the announcement on the special live stream celebrating the 6th anniversary of the franchise.

An official title for the game was not announced yet. No actual gameplay, and no screenshots were shared for now. However, this doesn’t necessarily means the game is in early development.

We don’t know yet who is developing the game. In the past, Bushiroad worked with FuRyu for Cardfight Vanguard on Switch, so it possibly will hire an outside studio for the Bandori game. FuRyu is already working on Caligula 2, so another studio might be in charge. Craft Egg, the developer of the mobile game, could be handling it too.

The Switch version will also include controls taking into account the Joy-Cons, meaning we could get motion gaming gameplay.

Buhiroad announced the BanG Dream! game on Switch will be launching in 2021 in Japan. This means the game must be in a well advanced stage of development, and we should definitely get to see some gameplay and additional details soon. It’s likely we’ll soon hear about the characters as well, and if the game will include all of the bands: Poppin’Party, Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, Roselia, Hello, Happy World!, Raise A Suilen, and the new Morfonica.

Will BanG Dream! On Switch get a Localization in English?

For now the game was only announced in Japan. Bushiroad however launched an English version of the mobile game, so it’s not impossible for the Switch game to get localized in English one day. We’ll be sure to tell you as soon as we can if it happens.

BanG Dream! New Anime Movie

Next, on the same stream, the next Bandori! anime movie was also announced in Japan. BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia Ⅱ : Song I am. For a release in theaters on June 25, 2021. Note that it’s possible it could get delayed due to Covid-19, that like with every theater release and event in Japan nowadays. The movie was not announced outside Japan yet, but will probably get released in some form in the west a few months after the Japanese release.

BanG Dream! Project 6th Anniversary Announcements Stream

Lastly, for Bandori fans who clicked on this article and can speak Japanese, note that these past few months, Famitsu published several interviews with some of the seiyuu. You can find all the interviews compiled at the end of this page on Famitsu’s site.

BanG Dream! is a media mix franchise first started in 2015 by Bushiroad and its founder Takaaki Kidani. A rhythm game with gacha elements  by Craft Egg first launched in 2017.  Several anime adaptations have aired as well. Focusing on band music, the franchise mixes game, anime, live concerts of the seiyuu, and CD releases.

Additional details will be published first on the Bandori official Twitter. Preview illustration for the future gacha banners were also revealed with the new game and anime movie announcements:

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