Banners And Nicknames Are Fall Guys’ Newest Customization Options

Banners And Nicknames Are Fall Guys’ Newest Customization Options

Fall Guys season 2 is bringing the most important feature so far - the ability to give yourself the title of 'good egg'

They might not be new costumes, but we get those every few days. Banners and nicknames are the latest customization options for Fall Guys revealed to be arriving with the game’s second season.

Announced in yet another spicy post from the game’s Twitter account, this latest way to customize your flailing bean boy is pretty simple. Much like nameplates and banners in other games, they’re simply ways to make your name stand out a bit from the crowd. Players will be able to change the background of the banner their name appears on, although the examples shown are pretty basic. In the post, Fall Guys Community Management wizard Oliver Hindle (AKA Oliver Age 24), gives some early examples of banners; ones featuring pizza, the pride flag and the game’s golden crown.

Nicknames are also being added, but have their own additional twist. While you’ll be able to name yourself things like “Good Egg” or “Free Hugs,” there will also be some special nicknames coming out. “The devs have said if I can get a list of names together, I can get some special community names added in there as well,” said Hindle. Some content creators could end up getting special nicknames this way, or if you’ve done “anything particularly awesome” you could nab the title of “community blessed.”

These are a couple of the smaller updates coming along with season 2 of Fall Guys. It was recently announced that, following community feedback, the game will be adding “over 600%” more crowns to season rewards, so everyone should be able to get those high-end featured costumes.