Sega Saturn Dungeon Crawler Baroque is Coming to Switch

Sting announced that Baroque, the original Sega Saturn version, not the PS2 and Wii remake, is coming to Switch in 2020.

Sting announced its Sega Saturn JRPG and dungeon crawler Baroque is getting ported to Switch in 2020. The game will be titled Baroque Original Version and will exclusively launch digitally on the Nintendo Switch Eshop.

Baroque was developed by Sting Entertainment and launched exclusively in Japan on Sega Saturn on May, 21, 1998. The game was later ported to PS1 on October 28, 1999. Moreover, a remake of Baroque for PS2 and Wii was published on June 28, 2007 and March 13, 2008 respectively. This remake version was localized by Atlus USA and Rising Star Games. Lastly, a new iOS port of the remake was launched by Sting in Japan on December 28, 2012.

This new Switch port of Baroque is a port of the original Sega Saturn version, Sting confirmed.

It’s important to note this is the second time now Sting is porting one of it’s classic games on Nintendo Switch. A Switch port of tactical JRPG Yggdra Union was released by Sting in Japan on March 5, 2020.

Here’s some gameplay from the original Saturn version of Baroque:

Switch definitely feels like the place to go when it goes to niche genres like Bishoujo games, Otome games, ADV, Visual Novels, Danmaku, etc. It’s also definitely a great place to bring back some old beloved games like Baroque. It follow the trail left by other games such as Moon, ported on Switch in Japan and getting localized for the first time. PS1 1st person adventure game Kowloon’s Gate is supposedly coming to Switch at some point too. A brand new game, Kowloon’s Rhizome, will also be released, though its platforms are still unknown. Read more about it here.

Personally speaking, I’m still waiting for Eternal Arcadia to get ported to Switch.

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