Bartlow's Dread Machine Boasts Eye-Catching Aesthetics and Intriguing Bullet Hell Gameplay

Bartlow's Dread Machine is an upcoming twin-stick arcade shooter from Beep Games, the team behind Voodoo Vince and Scruvy Scallywags.

Bartlow’s Dread Machine is an upcoming twin-stick arcade shooter from Beep Games, the team behind Voodoo Vince. The game’s setup sounds straight out of a horror movie. Back in 1907, Arthur Bartlow invented the first video game, but it maimed players and left him penniless. For reasons unknown, Bartlow’s Dread Machine has been rebuilt and will soon be ready for you to play. However, while the setup is spooky, the actual game (at least on the surface) looks like a ton of fun. Check out the reveal trailer below.

That art style is incredible, isn’t it? The way they’ve taken what could pass as a real-life mechanical machine and put it into a video game is visually appealing. The old-timey characters move on tracks as they fight through baddies. And it doesn’t look neat, it seems to have massive gameplay ramifications. Because your characters move on a track, which limits movement. Making careful planning and an itchy trigger finger extremely important. On top of that, the in-game story is absolutely bonkers.

Seriously, just read what the developers have written: “Anarcho-Satanists have kidnapped President Teddy Roosevelt! The future of the American way of life rests on your tiny tin shoulders!” Truly inspired story-telling. You and a friend can play as one of eight different agents, one of whom is zombie General Custer. And while you’re doing it, you can enjoy the musical stylings of one Steve Kirk. I’m pretty sure Beep Games made this game just for me.

Bartlow’s Dread Machine is coming to Xbox One and Windows this summer. Beep Games plans to start sharing more in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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