Baseball Blast! Available Today

Baseball Blast! Available Today

If you’re looking for another fun, mini-game-based game that’s likely a good time for the whole family, you can check out Baseball Blast! from 2K Sports.  According to 2K, it’s the only officially licensed Major League Baseball mini-game experience, and its available exclusively on the Wii as of today.  Basically, its Wii Sports except only baseball-related mini-games, right?  Up to four players can participate in the mini-games, which include skill challenges, puzzles and trivia matches.  The game includes every MLB team and some stars of the diamond, as well as play-by-play commentary from Rob Dibble and “Mr. Baseball” Bob Uecker.

There are over 20 unique mini-games in the categories I mentioned above, including Fly Ball Fury, Dodge Ball, Power Pitcher, Bumper Base, Pennant Race and Galaxy Ball. It’s anyone’s guess what those games actually include. Bumper Base? Sounds kinky. Oh, wait, this is a family game. My bad.

This might be the perfect game for a family of baseball fans, and it comes at a not-too-shabby price, either: $19.99.  As mentioned, its available today so check it out!

Bumper Base…seriously?

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