Based Sakurai Finally Saves Super Smash Bros Ultimate From Geno Begging Fanboys

Based Sakurai Finally Saves Super Smash Bros Ultimate From Geno Begging Fanboys

Geno is finally playable in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, as a Mii costume. The one and only Based Sakurai announced it through the Sephiroth presentation.

The presentation of Sephiroth in Super Smash Bros Ultimate happened this December 17, and with it, the reveal for new Mii costumes – Geno is coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, not as a real character, but as a Mii Costume. The reveal also included Tifa, Barret, and a Chocobo cap.

This is a new milestone in the history of the internet. Finally putting an end to years and years of frantic Geno fanboys complaining about how he didn’t make it to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. And dissing any other character that did. Because apparently my boy Terry Bogard isn’t more worthy of a Smash invitation than Geno. Today is historical, and every single Smash player around the world has been freed from the oppression of Geno fanboys. All thanks to Based Sakurai, whose deeds will once again be recorded to be passed on to the next generation.

Now, don’t get me wrong. As the one and only James Gournalist, you can bet I have played and 100%’ed Super Mario RPG so many times I can’t even count. You think you can get away with doubting my love for Geno over the Internet? I’ll have you know I was collecting the Seven Stars with Koopa and my homies before Suupaa Mariyo Aru Pee Jee was even localized. Playing the legendary Squaresoft RPG in its authentic and pure Japanese state. Dancing to the banging score of Shimomura Yoko san. However, I can admit and realize that Geno simply doesn’t deserves one of the highly prized playable spots of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Meanwhile, I’d bet a lot of those fanboys whining about Geno’s absence in Smash didn’t even play Super Mario RPG themselves yet. They should be ashamed of their words & deeds. And of all the grief they caused to Based Sakurai by whining in his Twitter replies.

And honestly. While Sephiroth looks awesome, this graceful salvation was the best thing on stream. Together with Based Sakurai trolling once again. Bringing up Sephiroth’s Frame Data, before pointing out that’s way too technical for a “Party Game”.

Geno Mii Costume Revealed in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Sephiroth was first revealed at The Game Awards. December 22 is the date he’ll officially release on for those who bought the Fighter’s Pass 2. Moreover, if you own the Fighter’s Pass 2, you can try the Sephiroth Challenge to unlock him starting December 17. 03:00 PM PT. Lastly, be sure to follow me on social media and subscribe to the James Gournalist Onlyfans for additional hot and sexy video games takes.