Fans Theorize Bastiodon Card Could've Foreshadowed Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Fans realized that the Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Bastiodon trading card may have predicted events in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

August 2, 2022

After taking a closer look at an old Bastiodon trading card, many Pokemon fans are now theorizing that it may have hinted toward the events of Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

As the latest entry in the Pokemon series, Pokemon Legends: Arceus gave players a new frontier to discover. It introduced new fighting styles and Alpha forms, yet kept a distinct feeling of nostalgia by featuring familiar Sinnoh Pokemon. To top it all off, players had to contend with space-time distortions, which provided opportunities to catch otherwise unobtainable Pokemon. These distortions were brand new to the game series – but Pokemon may have hinted at their existence long ago.


One Pokemon fan pointed out that the Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon trading card set contained a particularly interesting-looking Bastiodon card. The art, which displays a close-up of the rock-steel Pokemon, also has a mysterious rift above Mount Coronet – one that looks suspiciously like a space-time distortion.

Image from The Pokemon Company / Nintendo.

The Connection Between Pokemon Legends: Arceus And An Old Bastiodon Card

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is no stranger to crafting rare or special cards. From holographic faces to special art for certain sets, players have always been able to discover something new with each set. These sets usually follow releases of mainline games, and the Pokemon Sun/Moon set is no different.

One such card in the set is the Bastiodon card, shared below by Reddit user u/WeedleLover2006. Looking at it, it’s clear that the card’s art incorporates one of the game’s Ultra Wormholes: a ring of bright energy crackles around the peak of Mount Coronet. While it makes sense that a Sun/Moon card would include such a rift, many Pokemon fans believe it looks similar to Pokemon Legends: Arceus’s distortions.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus’s space-time rifts were a significant part of gameplay; not only were they plot-relevant, but they were also avenues for players to expand their Pokedexes. These distortions open up all over Hisui, but perhaps the most striking one opens above Mount Coronet. Conveniently, the Mount Coronet distortion is located in the same spot as the Ultra Wormhole in the Bastiodon card.

While it’s more likely that this card reflects the events of Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon rather than outright predicting Pokemon Legends Arceus, it’s entirely possible that there is a connection. Perhaps the distortions are an ancient version of the Ultra wormholes; maybe it’s just for visual continuity.

Either way, Pokemon Legends: Arceus was likely in development at the same time as these cards. It’s possible that the departments collaborated to tease the existence of the distortions in the card game. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time Pokemon devs teased a future game using Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. Fans have previously pointed out the protagonist’s shoes utilized a design that looked near exactly like Scarlet/Violet’s starter, Fuecoco.

Whether this card is truly foreshadowing Pokemon Legends: Arceus is yet to be seen, but the connection is certainly apparent!

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