Batman: Arkham Asylum $27 on Amazon

Batman: Arkham Asylum $27 on Amazon


The only excuse you should have for not playing Batman: Arkham Asylum is that you own a Wii. That’s it. Anything beyond this is inexcusable. But, if you were one of the unfortunate people who haven’t  played the game, now is your chance to rock out with Dark Knight and his arsenal of bat-named weapons as he pursues his arch-nemesis Joker through a mental asylum filled with goons.

Amazon today is selling both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 copies of one of last year’s most prized games – Batman: Arkham Asylum – for a nice affordable price of $26.99. See? Now you don’t have an excuse not to pick this amazing game and give it some love.

Whatever reason you have for not buying this game now should be tossed out the window. The only logical explanation that fans of the game would accept at this point is that you’re waiting for the Game of the Year Edition, which might constitute some forgiveness. Anything beyond that, though, and you should be beaten consecutively over the head with a Batarang. If you like action games with a nice touch of CSI-esque detective work and a solid storyline, then this game is what you’re looking for. Just talking about it makes me want to go back to it now… and I just might.