Batman: Arkham City Adds Replay Value With Spiffy 'New Game Plus' Mode

By Yaris Gutierrez

September 7, 2011

God knows we’ve all been the victim of playing a game we love indefinitely until our hearts content. Even after we’ve pummeled the game into the ground and have collected every single element in the game, we find ourselves itching for more; praying for a sequel or a prequel to satisfy our cravings. But, once you’ve done everything there is to do with that game you adored so much, you’re left with a plastic disc that will, sadly, sit in your collection for ages until you’re up for a nostalgic moment.

I’m one of these victims. I’ve seen myself deliberately playing games over and over until I’ve peaked in every corner, have opened every treasure chest, and have kicked the asses of every villain occupying the fictitious virtual worlds. Rocksteady is looking to remedy this feeling in Batman: Arkham City with a “New Game Plus” mode, which will raise the difficulty level for you vets and modify a couple of things for your second playthrough around Arkham City. Batman will retain all of his XP and nifty gadgets from his first playthrough to help players fight off tougher enemies and bosses who will, undoubtedly, turn Batman into mush.

As much as some of you may wish it, the difficulty setting for “New Game Plus” isn’t customizable. Regardless of whether you trump through the game in normal or hard, “New Game Plus” will retain the same difficulty. And to add to the pot of “this is f-ing hard,” there won’t be counter icons on thugs. If you’re familiar with the game, it’s that little icon that pops up over a thug’s head when you’re eligible to perform a counter attack. This will enable the player to test their fighting skills as Batman. But, after you’ve spent twenty-something hours donkey-punching enemies and countering with your eyes closed, this should be cake.

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