Batman Himself, Kevin Conroy, Seems to Want Another Arkham Game

Even though another Batman Arkham game has yet to be announced, the famed voice of the character seems down for future installments.

It has been over four years since Rocksteady Studios released its most recent major game in Batman: Arkham Knight. Since that time, the developer has remained relatively silent about what it has up its sleeve in the future despite countless rumors that have circled. While we’re still uncertain if what Rocksteady will do next will involve Batman, it seems like one key player associated with the Caped Crusader wants to see more games featuring the character.

Over on Twitter recently, the iconic voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, seemed to imply that he’s down for more games in the Arkham series as long as Rocksteady is. When quote tweeting a message from Rocksteady that celebrated the anniversary of Arkham Knight, Conroy asked, “But why stop there?!!” in regards to the series continuing on further.

More than anything, it seems like Conroy was just having fun toying around with fans in regards to this prospect of more Batman Arkham games coming down the pipeline. His mentions after the tweet were filled with many fans begging for more Batman games to be made by Rocksteady while others just felt like they were being trolled.

Still, it seems like if Rocksteady was indeed set to return to the world of Gotham in the future, Conroy might once again be down to return and voice Batman. Just don’t take his tweet here as an indication that another Batman game is indeed in the works, though. At least, not yet.

Even though Rocksteady opted to skip E3 once again this year and therefore didn’t tell fans what it is working on next, hopefully, it won’t be too long before we hear what’s coming for the studio. And if they do once again return to Batman, well, that’s just fine by me.

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