Batman: Arkham Knight For PC May Not Get a Physical Release [Updated]

Batman: Arkham Knight For PC May Not Get a Physical Release [Updated]

Rocksteady’s third installment in the Batman: Arkham series is only a few months away so we’re obviously super excited to see what Bats will be up to this time around.

Part of the game-buying experience, at least for those who don’t opt to purchase digitally, is having a nice physical disc in a box to stick on the shelf alongside the rest of the collection.

However, PC players may not be given a choice when it comes to Batman: Arkham Knight. According to Joe Anderson of game supplier ShopTo, the firm has been told by their stock supplier that there will not be a physical release for the PC and will instead launch as a digital download only.

Those who were looking forward to adding another disc to the collection may be disappointed, but with many PC gamers getting their games via Valve’s Steam service, it’s probably not going to cause the same uproar that it would if the situation was presented to console owners.

At the moment we’re sticking this one on leaning tower of rumors until we get an official announcement, so be on the lookout for updates from us.

[Update] According to online retailer, Batman: Arkham Knight will be receiving a physical release and have assured us that by pre-ordering the game with Amazon, players will receive a disc copy of the game.

However, it should be stressed that until there’s clarification from publisher Warner Bros., we can’t be 100% sure about anything.