Batman Arkham Knight Gets New Details Regarding The Story and GCPD

on July 14, 2014 10:01 AM

Batman Arkham Knight has been impressing gamers ever since it was announced. The game looks beautiful, the villains look dark and believable, and Gotham appears to be more open than ever before with the addition of the Bat-Mobile.

The titular character, the Arkham Knight, is an enemy in game that wears a suit similar to Bruce’s, and has his own private army willing to hunt down the bat. Within an hour, the Arkham Knight plans to take over all of Gotham, by using his army to lock the city down.

This is called “Operation Savior”, and likely serves as the motivation for why Batman seeks out the Knight in the first place.

The Gotham City Police Department is going to have major trouble dealing with this militarized force, and Commissioner Gordon is going to have to tell the GCPD to leave it all to Bats. With enemies driving turret mounted cars, and large tanks, it seems like Gotham’s only hope is the man in the suit, Batman.

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