Batman: Arkham Knight Will Be Delayed Until 2015, New Batmobile Battle Mode Trailer Released

on June 3, 2014 9:47 AM

While rumors of the disappointing news has been spreading around the Internet for a while now, the developers at Rocksteady have officially confirmed the 2015 delay of Batman: Arkham Knight, the fourth entry into the Batman Arkham franchise.

However, new details on the Batmobile and the role it plays in gameplay¬† was also given. The trademark vehicle will have an awesome “Battle Mode” that fully decks it out in armor and machine guns. But before you ask, no you can’t use these upgrades to kill humans, since that’s of course against Batman’s own moral code.

Rocksteady even has certain precautions to prevent this as Batman equips the Batmobile with different rounds for his foes: high-impact armaments for mechanical foes and stun rounds for humans. Also, any human foes approaching the Batmobile on foot are flung back with the line of tasers surrounding it.

You can watch the trailer below, which fully details the Batmobile’s weapons.

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