Batman: Arkham Knight Will Have a Bigger Open World; New Villain and No Multiplayer

on March 4, 2014 8:43 PM

Today may as well be called Batman: Arkham Knight day with all of the news posts about the game popping up everywhere. The excitement is understandable seeing as how Rocksteady Studios has returned to the franchise they helped popularize. We’ve got some new details about the game courtesy of Game Informer which will have Arkham Knight on the cover of its April magazine.

The previous game in the series (not counting Arkham Origins) was Arkham City. This game featured a fairly sizable section of Gotham City to explore. Arkham Knight will expand on this and offer up a portion of Gotham which is five times bigger. Though the trailer shows the city being evacuated, the game itself will feature more densely populated areas. There will be riots which contain upwards of 50 characters.

Fans have asked for the ability to drive the Batmobile since this series’ inception and due to the sheer size of Arkham Knight, they’ll finally get their wish. The Batmobile will have immobilizing missiles and the ability to smash through most objects. Batman can leave the vehicle at anytime for when he needs to take a more hands on approach or to glide around the city. Riddler will once again have a slew of challenges for The Bat and some will involved the Batmobile.

The game will NOT feature any sort of multiplayer mode. The developers made this decision from the outset and felt it would help them to focus on creating the best single player experience possible.

The most interesting bit of news concerns the main villain of the game. The title Arkham Knight is actually a reference to him and not Batman. This villain is said to be a militarized version of The Dark Knight who will have an A across his chest. He is said to be formidable and a true challenge for Batsy.

The last bit of news which should make fans happy is that Kevin Conroy will reprise his role as Batman. This game takes place after Arkham City so it makes sense that he would be returning to the series. Paul Dini, the man responsible for writing the first two Arkham games, will not be involved with this title. He, like the rest of us, just found this news out today. On Twitter he said that he trusts the Rocksteady team and said that “they know Batman.”

That’s all the information we have at this point but it’s pretty exciting news if you ask me. This is supposedly Rocksteady’s final game in the Batman: Arkham trilogy so hopefully it will be as good or better than their previous titles.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be released for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in October of this year.

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