Batman: Arkham VR’s “Core Narrative” is Only an Hour Long

on October 3, 2016 3:57 PM

Rocksteady Studios Brand Marketing Producer Dax Ginn confirmed to PressStart that the core narrative of Batman: Arkham VR will only take around one hour to complete.

He reassures players that there are about 90 minutes of additional content in the game for after the main story-line is completed, so Arkham VR does have replay value after one’s first time through.

“The core narrative is about 60 minutes in duration, however additional content is unlocked that provides about another 90 minutes of gameplay on top of that. So there are plenty of reasons to play through the game multiple times in order to see everything that we have put into it.” -=

Batman: Arkham VR is coming to the PlayStation VR at launch on October 13.

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