New Batman Arkham Game Once Again Being Teased by WB Games Montreal [UPDATE]

For the love of all that is holy, when will the Batman teases finally end?

Update: WB Games Montreal has since tweeted out the full image of what was being teased before alongside the word “redacted.” The image itself looks like a coat of arms and features a variety of symbols that seem to be pointing back to the Court of Owls, a villainous group that Batman has previously battled against. The Court has also previously been rumored to be associated with this new Batman Arkham game.

You can see it right here:

Over on WB Montreal’s website, it seems as though this image might be the first in a larger series of ones that will be revealed in the future. Whether or not one of these new images will be revealed every day, week, or month, however, remains to be seen. Honestly, this whole process is dragging on a bit longer than it needs to, but I’m sure WB Montreal is having their fun with it.

The original story can be found below.

Much as the studio did throughout 2019, WB Games Montreal once again took to social media today to tease fans about what seems to surely be a new Batman video game.

Over on the official WB Games Montreal Facebook page, the studio posted a new image that features a white drawing of some sort overlayed on a black background. The caption of the image reads “Cape sur la nuit / Capture the Knight” which clearly has to do with Batman and is referring to the Caped Crusader’s “The Dark Knight” nickname.

Here’s the post in question from WB Games Montreal:

Today’s tease is actually quite similar to one from last year, as well. Over on Twitter in 2019, WB Games Montreal posted a tweet with this exact same caption as the one that we have seen today. The only difference between the two deals with the images that were shared. In last year’s tweet, WB Games Montreal posted a GIF that featured multiple different unintelligible icons.

While it’s nice to see that WB Montreal is continuing to clearly tease that it’s working on this new Batman game, every time they do it becomes all the more agonizing. We seemed to be getting close to a reveal of the rumored Batman: Arkham Legacy last month during The Game Awards, but alas, the show came and went and Batman still was nowhere to be seen.

Considering how long it has been with still no formal reveal, I’m starting to think that this new Batman project could be in development for PS5 and Xbox Series X rather than current generation hardware. As such, maybe once Microsoft and Sony start to reveal more information about their upcoming consoles, WB Montreal will then finally lift the curtain on this new Batman game. One can only hope that’s the case, at least.

Regardless of when WB Games Montreal plans to formally reveal this new Batman game, I hope that it comes about sooner rather than later. The teases for this new title are growing more painful all the time and until we finally see the game in action, this whole ongoing situation is going to continue to drive me insane.

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