WB Games Montreal Appears to be Teasing a New Batman Game Centered Around the Court of Owls

WB Games Montreal posted a new video on Twitter for Batman Day that appears to tease a new game centered around the Court of Owls.

This weekend, the world celebrated the 80th anniversary of DC Comics’ Caped Crusader. Batman Day has floated around over the years; however, this year’s celebration took place on September 21. WB Games Montreal took to Twitter to join in on the celebration and, seemingly, tease a brand new game. The tweet below shows the bat-signal lighting up a building. Every few seconds, another logo cuts in front of the screen. Check it out for yourself below.

Many on Twitter are assuming this tease has something to do with a rumored Court of Owls game. The rumor gained even more steam when comic book legend Scott Synder tweeted and quickly deleted a reply to the original video that included the hashtag “bewarethecourtofowls”. With Sony doing their next State of Play this week and The Game Awards only a few months away, this certainly seems like the perfect time to start up the marketing machine for a major Batman game.

Until we know more, it’s tough to speculate on exactly what this game might be. That said, the Court of Owls saga has always been fascinating to me, so sign me right up if this smoke turns to fire in the coming days. Either way, Batman sure has been in the video game news a lot lately. The Arkham and Lego games are currently available for free via the Epic Game Store and the Dark Knight took over Fortnite in a new crossover event. If all of this culminates in another major Batman game, I’m sure there will be tons of happy gamers out there.

Keep your eyes tuned here for more news on this one as it comes. We’ll be covering the State of Play later in the week, so make sure to check in then.

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