Batman Court of Owls Teasers Conclude with a Video Telling Fans to Wait Until Tomorrow

Batman Court of Owls Teasers Conclude with a Video Telling Fans to Wait Until Tomorrow

The Batman teases from WB Montreal finally seem to be over, with the final message telling fans to tune into tomorrow's DC FanDome stream.

It has been a week full of teases for WB Games Montreal’s new Batman game, which will seemingly feature the villainous group known as the Court of Owls. As of today, those teases have now seemingly come to an end in what is a largely anticlimactic way.

Over on the “r3dakt3d” Twitter account today, which is where WB Montreal has been making all of these Batman teases this week, the developer shared a new post featuring some images of a lock. The lock itself looks to contain an owl-like emblem, with some supporting images hinting at what the lock combination is. In short order, the Batman community was able to then piece together the meaning of this new puzzle, which then led to a new video.

The video, which can be found below, was unlisted on the “r3dakt3d” YouTube account and it is only about 20 seconds in length. Upon its conclusion, a timer containing a 24-hour countdown appeared, indicating that more information on this Batman title will be shared tomorrow at DC FanDome.

Honestly, while some might like these meta-game puzzles, it feels pretty lame to see the conclusion for this teaser event to only wrap up with a message telling fans to wait another 24-hours for more information. It’s especially lame when considering the fact that WB Games Montreal was already confirmed to be having a panel tomorrow at DC FanDome. The revelation that we’ll learn more about this game tomorrow isn’t shocking whatsoever, so what exactly was the point of the teasers to begin with?

Regardless, at least we’ll seemingly be moving past this teaser phase when WB Games Montreal formally announces this new Batman game tomorrow. There isn’t a whole lot that we officially know about the title as of now, but based on recent reports, it looks like Batgirl could somehow be involved.