Batman Gets Redesigned by Final Fantasy Artist Tetsuya Nomura

on July 24, 2014 4:17 PM

How many of you have wondered what Batman would look like if he was re-imagined by Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D artist Tetsuya Nomura? To be fair, probably not many, but those who are attending this year’s San Diego Comic-Con will get to see this interpretation firsthand.

Nomura’s Batman is part of Square-Enix’s DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai line of figures. This is actually the first figure in a line of Batman figures. This means that we will most likely see a few other Nomura inspired Batman characters as well. Considering how dark Batman’s rogue gallery is, we can only imagine the possibilities of the redesigned villains.

For now this is a prototype figure. There is no price or release date set for this or any of the other figures in this line. For now, let’s look at the beautifully disturbing images which have been released.


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