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Batman Fan Art Turns Ana De Armas Into Poison Ivy

Knives Out actor Ana de Armas has turned green in artist BossLogic’s fan art – and it’s not for She-Hulk.

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Armas, due to appear in Cary Joji Fukunaga’s upcoming No Time to Die, has been fan cast as Poison Ivy before, and BossLogic has fueled the rumor that she will play the red-haired villain in a new adaptation.

If chosen by DC, Armas will be the second actor to portray the venomous character in a live-action role, following Uma Thurman’s 1997 performance in Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin.

Poison Ivy: Thorns | Official Trailer

Poison Ivy: Thorns | Official Trailer

Who is the fan artist?

Credit: BossLogic

BossLogic is renowned for his high-quality artwork where he illustrates actors as pop culture characters. Providing the first concept images of Oscar Isaac as Solid Snake and Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam are just a few of his creations.

BossLogic’s talent is a gift to the community, by providing detailed mockups of actors in their fan-cast roles. He is also one of the first artists to show Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Marvel’s Kraven the Hunter, which was only announced yesterday.

Is Armas the right fit for Poison Ivy?

Credit: BossLogic

The community is certainly advocating for Armas’ casting as the eco-terrorist, and the fan art certainly proves that she suits red hair. Rumors have already pegged her as the villain in Matt Reeves’ The Batman sequel, even though a successor is far from being announced. 

Not only did BossLogic clad Armas in ivy, but he also gave her a top hat in his Zatanna fan art from DC’s Justice League Dark.

Armas is more than capable of harnessing Poison Ivy’s seductive qualities, but modern adaptations are now shying away from camp costumes. This means that the next Poison Ivy could be subtle, without her jungle of vines. 

Will Poison Ivy Get her own live action?   

Credit: ScreenRant

It’s been 24 years since we’ve seen Pamela Isley’s toxic corruption on the silver screen, but where does Poison Ivy fit within the current DC Universe? 

Last year’s Birds of Prey, starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, casually reintroduced Poison Ivy back into the DCEU. One moment involved Harley talking about her past heartbreaks, and the scene heavily implied that one of them was Ivy. 

Harley and Pamela had a romantic relationship within 2009’s Gotham City Sirens comic series, which is another live-action adaptation rumored to be on the horizon. Perhaps Gotham City Sirens will showcase Poison Ivy’s return, and many hope that Armas will be on board.

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