Batman x Fortnite Foundation #1 Comic Release Date and Where To Buy

Here's everything you need to know about the latest Batman x Fortnite Comic!

October 25, 2021

The Batman x Fortnite: Zero Point comic series was a huge success, and fans have been hungry for more ever since. Thankfully, a brand new Batman x Fortnite: Foundation comic series is releasing this week with more lore and a special in-game code for players to redeem.

If you plan on picking up the newest Batman x Fortnite comic book, here’s everything you need to know, including the release date, price, and how to buy a copy.

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Batman x Fortnite – Foundation Comic Book

Continuing on from the Zero Point mini-series, the new Foundation One Shot comic takes the action from the island into Gotham City.

According to the Epic Games website, the upcoming comic revolves around Fortnite’s The Foundation activating at the bottom of the ocean. Many believed this ocean to be next to the Fortnite Island, but in fact, The Foundation finds himself at the bottom of Gotham Harbor. Fans will follow The Foundation on his journey through Gotham as he detects energy from the Zero Point.

Batman x Fortnite: Foundation #1 releases in stores on Tuesday, October 26th (US) and Wednesday, October 27th (UK). For more details, head to the official Epic Games website, or keep reading to find out the price and where to buy.

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How To Buy & Price

Unlike the Batman x Fortnite: Zero Point comic, Foundation will only be available in your local comic book store and NOT available via DC Universe Infinite.

For those in the UK, the Batman x Fortnite: Foundation comic can be purchased at a local retailer such as Forbidden Planet for £4.50.

Whilst US fans can purchase at their local retailer such as Midtown Comics for $4.49.

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