What is Battle Academia Caitlyn Skin and When is it Available?

New Caitlyn skin is beautiful enough that deserves to be in your skin collection.

Thanks to Riot Games’ non-stop support from League of Legends over the years that it has been available as one of the most popular MOBA titles in the world, the game now has enough permanent players to provide strong feedback on every new addition from gameplay changes to cosmetic items. One of the most recent cosmetic items that will be joining the game soon is the Battle Academia Caitlyn skin that was spotted in PBE servers a few hours earlier by the Skin Spotlights YouTube channel.

The new Battle Academia Caitly skin will be available in six different color pallets, however, the main version of the skin represents Caitlyn with a beautiful dark blue and white outfit accompanied by golden and pink trims. Her gun is now has a big pink core at the end which is the main source of power for her purple-ish shots and fires. With her new long haircut without any hats, she now has a strong and determined look compared to her base skin model. The video below will show you some of the character’s emotes, respawning, walking, and shooting animations, along with the QWER abilities that have seen significant changes thanks to the lady’s new dress.

Caitlyn is one of the popular champions in League of Legends that has some strong ranged attacks. She has been received several different skins so far, but the new Battle Academia skin seems to be the most distinct one among the others.

The Battle Academia skin is currently available on PBE servers and based on the previous experiences, it will probably take two weeks until it makes its way to the main servers. The new skin will cost you 1820 RP.

League of Legends is now available for free on PC. A mobile version of the game, called Wild Rift, is also available on Android and iOS devices.

Mehrdad Khayyat

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