Battle Brothers Officially Launches on Steam with a Brutal Trailer

Battle Brothers Officially Launches on Steam with a Brutal Trailer

It's been two years since Overhype Studios began work on Battle Brothers in Steam Early Access. Check out the trailer they've provided in honor of the game's launch.

Battle Brothers is the first title by Hamburg, Germany-based developer Overhype Studios. The low-fantasy, turn-based strategy game has been in development for nearly two years with Steam Early Access. Today, it launches on Steam with a launch trailer in tow.

In Battle Brothers, you lead a band of mercenaries through a gritty, randomly-generated open-world, managing where and how your brothers will find success. Hiring new mercs, equipping them with new gear, training them to become stronger, and sometimes executing punishment over them are all the responsibility of a leader. Most of all, you will be responsible for choosing who lives and dies in each bloody battle.

Overhype Studios says that Battle Brothers is inspired by games like X-COM: UFO Defense and Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat. For this team, game development is about more than creating a successful business.

“By developing Battle Brothers we first of all have made a game we like to play ourselves. We want to connect with past times when game developers have been passionate gamers, not corporate businessmen.”

Battle Brothers is out now on Steam. For more information, check out the game’s website or take a look at the smattering of images in the gallery below.