Battle Princess of Arcadias Info And Screenshots Introduce Story, Mechanics, Mysterious Characters

on September 18, 2013 11:12 AM

Today Nippon Ichi Software released a batch of new screenshots, artwork and information of  the PS3 exclusive side scrolling JRPG Battle Princess of Arcadias, that will be released in Japan in just a week, on September the 26th.

Today we learn more about the background of the game, and more precisely about a song called “Lewin Aria”, that is said to deceive the hearts of people and ultimately to lead to the destruction of the world. Few believe in its existence anymore, but those that do live in fear of its resurfacing. Bet you it’s going to play a focal role in the story.

We also hear about some of the story situations that we’ll encounter in the game. Ratsu and Havuerka will have a run-in when the latter will get sick for eating spoiled seafood. Ratsu will take care of him, but Havuerka has a rather brash personality, and his new friend, who tends to be calm and rational, will have to deal with it.

The protagonist Plum will have a bit of trouble with Louise, the perpetrator of the coup d’état in the Armatura kingdom. Everyone loves Plum, but Louise’s feelings seem to be a little…different.


The girls of the cast are all good friends, and will occasionally gather in Plum’s room. Of course men are forbidden to enter this womanly garden, and no matter what the subject of conversation is, it has to be of maidenly quality.

Interestingly enough, we also get to see a schematic of the relationships between the various characters in the cast, and artwork of two newly introduced ones, but absolutely nothing is revealed about them, not even their name. They look like wizards, judging from their weaponry, but that’s all we know.

On the gameplay mechanics’ side of things we get to see and learn more about a few features of the game, like the possibility to learn new skills by leveling up in order to activate new special effects and techniques. It’s also possible to enchant a character’s weapons. There are more than 900 available, and they can all be upgraded, unleashing the special skills hidden within them.


Soldiers of the Princess’ corps can evolve by branching into swordsmen, archers, musketeers, wizards, axemen, spearmen and heavy swordsmen. By utilizing a training facility they can improve their skills and equipment. Since each class is strong and weak against certain enemies, the selection of who to bring to each battle is important.

There are five different kind of battle stages like forest, ice and desert. Also, in each stage there’s a huge “superboss” to fight against.

Below you can see all the assets released today, including artwork for each character, screenshots of the mechanics described above and a lovely (and enormous) 4K resolution version of the map, that can probably make for a great desktop background and that you probably won’t find everywhere else because websites normally don’t like to use the full resolution assets intended for print (not to mention the fact that the colors of the web-friendly versions of the artwork were really washed out for some reason…mysteries of bad compression). Don’t tell me that we don’t spoil you…

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