Battle Princess of Arcadias Introduces the Kingdom of Armatura, Corps, Giant Bosses and More

Battle Princess of Arcadias Introduces the Kingdom of Armatura, Corps, Giant Bosses and More

Today Nippon Ichi Software sent in a new large batch of information, screenshots and artwork on the upcoming PS3 exclusive action JRPG Battle Princess of Arcadias, that is set to hit the Japanese shelves on September the 27th.

We get to learn about the kingdom of Armatura, a militaristic nation on the east part of the continent of Welltex. It has the most monsters between the three kingdoms, so the Armaturan corps are continuously in training to defend their country.

Arcadias (27)Recently military officers tried to take control of Armatura. The mastermind of the coup was imprisoned, but managed to escape and hide in the kingdom of Shuvert. A messenger named Karous traveled to Shuvert from Armatura to talk with the protagonist princess Plum and require her collaboration in the investigation.

Karous is calm and collected, and fights with a spear. While he helps Plum in her battles, he keeps a certain distance, since he remains a messenger from another country. He values realism above all things.

His spear allows him to attack from medium range using its reach, but he’s also good at close combat. His special attack is “End of Lance”, during which he rotates the spear at high speed hitting every enemy around him.

Arcadias (41)The second character introduced today is Luise, and guess what? She’s the person that Karous is trying to apprehend. She used to be an excellent officer of the Armaturan military, but she suddenly staged a coup and then fled. Her reasons are unknown, and before the coup she was known as a soldier with a strong sense of justice but a bit too serious.

She fights with a gun armed with a bayonet, so she’s able to attack both in close combat and at range. She’s able to unleash a torrent of energy bullets that doesn’t give the enemy a chance to recover. Initially she’ll be Plum’s enemy, but I bet that won’t last long, otherwise why would she have different weapon artwork in the gallery at the bottom of this post?

We also get to learn about ancient, huge weapons that are left dormant in various locations of the continent. Occasionally they become operative again and start destroying their surrounding areas.

They represent a serious danger for the population and the normal corps aren’t strong enough to face their threat, so the Princess Corps are dispatched to subdue them.

Those massive bosses are part of the Super Melee system introduced with the previous post on the game. The power of a large number of soldiers is required to beat them.

Every boss will have a different design and different attack skills. They deal a lot of damage, so neglecting a solid defense will cause Plum to be wiped out with her whole corps.

Arcadias (12)

They have a special shield that deflects damage, and breaking that is the first priority. It can be removed by a large amount of attacks or with the special moves of characters.

Those special moves are called “Battle Mysteries.” They are used by consuming the morale gauge accumulated during the Super Melee and can be triggered only by characters like Plum. They’re decisive for defeating the bosses.

The player can control up to three corps led by Plum, Ratsu and Uni. They’re respectively the Sword Corps, the Bow Corps and the Magic Corps. There are seven different classes of soldiers in each corps: swordsmen, archers, musketeers, wizards, axemen, spearmen and heavy swordsmen. Each fights in a different way. For instance, axemen and swordsmen have good attack skills and fight well in close combat. Wizards and archers have poor defense but can attack from a distance and stay out of range of most attacks from a boss. Selecting the right combination and characters can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Arcadias (15)

The player can level up his corps at the barracks that are found in villages or castles, where it’s also possible to recruit reinforcements.

Once a corps has accumulated enough experience it’s also possible to unlock a mystery technique called “Summon Weapon,” that will call one of the previously mentioned ancient weapons to help in the battle.

Below you can see a full gallery featuring screenshots and artwork related to the features introduced today. If you missed them, you can also find the previous articles on the game herehere and here, while the first trailer is here.