Battle Worlds: Kronos Seeks To Make Turn-Based Strategy Awesome Again

Battle Worlds: Kronos Seeks To Make Turn-Based Strategy Awesome Again

There was a time when turn-based strategy games were pretty popular. KING Art Games remembers those times, and now wants your help in reviving the genre. Their weapon: their upcoming game, Battle Worlds: Kronos.

Battle Worlds: Kronos wants to bring back the power of such games as Advance Wars and Battle Isle, upgraded with better graphics and addictive gameplay. The game is being developed to offer:

Single Player Campaigns – Fight for the “Yerla” faction, a highly technologized army. For the Rebels, make do with what you’ve got and fight a guerilla war. Together both campaigns will allow for more than 30 hours of gameplay.

Single Player Challenge Maps – Test your skills in different combat scenarios and keep track of your progress.

Live Multiplayer – Battle your friends live on the interent or via hot-seat.

Asynchronous Multiplayer – Take all the time you need and consider your moves . Similar to “play-by-mail”, your round is stored on our server and turned over to your opponent. The system allows you to continue the match anytime and anywhere you want.

Strong AI – A clever AI that considers gameplay on various tactical and strategic levels as well as individual enemy characteristics will challenge even experienced commanders.

Map Editor – A powerful editor to create your own maps and missions.

Their kickstarter campaign has already grossed over $160,000, far more than their goal of $120,000, KING Art Games hopes to make Battle Worlds: Kronos a cross-platform gaming world, where players can take on friends no matter if they play the game as a downloadable title on their PC, Mac, Linux, or on browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and more. Their stretch goals also include more campaigns, achievements, maps, modes, factions, and more.

You can check out the pre-Alpha “Battle Worlds Academy” videos and gallery below for an idea of how Battle Worlds: Kronos plays, and the Battle Worlds: Kronos Kickstarter Campaign for more details.

Kickstarter Video

Battle Worlds: Kronos Teaser Trailer

Battle Worlds Academy: Action Points & Movement

Battle Worlds Academy: Combat