Battleborn Community Hosting “Battleborn Day” Event on Nov. 12; Endorsed by Gearbox Software

Battleborn Community Hosting “Battleborn Day” Event on Nov. 12; Endorsed by Gearbox Software

Since its release earlier this year, Gearbox Software and 2K Games’ Battleborn has met mixed success after launch with a community that has struggled to build after spotty marketing and competition from other titles, though that isn’t stopping the game’s community from rallying together and seeking to draw in fans new and old toward the game.

Fans on the game’s Reddit page gathered together to create “Battleborn Day” as an attempt to help draw together the community and support the game since its launch. The original post for the event on r/Battleborn (from Reddit user bkndx) explained:

“So let’s talk about why it didn’t succeed at the beginning, Overwatch competition, lackluster marketing, bugs glitches and balancing issues. As time went on the problems shifted to low player base, and a large skill gap, matchmSo the question is how do we bring new players and keep them. Well if we can get an event going for a day where we get as many players online to play as many games as they can, this will solve matchmaking issues and allow everyone to try the game. As a community of high level elites we should recognize that if we get this going there’s going to be a huge influx of newbs. We should be doing our best to not pubstomp and ruin their first impressions of the game so please, no double legendary loadouts. Experiment with new characters and try to keep away from the meta. We will shoot for the second Saturday of November starting at 3:00 est?”

In response to the event, developers from Gearbox Software responded to the community and are also helping to support the “Battleborn Day” event, which is currently scheduled for this weekend. Gearbox will be providing a variety of bonuses to support the event and entice players new and old to log on, with the following to be in effect starting today, November 11th, at 7pm ET and running through 11am on Sunday, November 13th:

  • The badassest of badass in-game events: prepare for Lootpocalypse, Play with the Devs, Double XP, and Double Credits all rolled into one phenomenal weekend!
  • A special “Battleborn Day Queue” with all kinds of fan-favorite maps and modes
  • Try out all 29 Battleborn heroes! Every character will be temporarily unlocked for all players
  • Enjoy 20% off all skins and taunts in the in-game Marketplace
  • Swag giveaways on the Battleborn Facebook and Twitter channels

In addition to the bonuses and support from Gearbox Software, the “BattleBros,” a “Big Brother” online community that will help teach new players and draw them into the game. The BattleBros will be playing online throughout the Battleborn Day event and will be “ready to provide advice and guidance to anyone willing to fight to save Solus.” More information on where and how to find them can be found on their Reddit thread.

Battleborn is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC – the upcoming community-led “Battleborn Day” event will be running throughout this coming weekend for players new and old.