Battlefield 1’s New DLC is Teased On Twitter

Battlefield 1’s New DLC is Teased On Twitter

Battlefield fans hopefully won't have to wait much longer to get into the game's upcoming DLC.

Battlefield 1‘s first expansion is coming and we’ve gotten our first glimpse of it.

Shown off on the game’s official Twitter page, a short 15-second teaser was posted to announce They Shall Not Pass. Details are scarce but the short teaser shows a solider standing in front of a French flag in the middle of a burning battlefield.

They Shall Not Pass will allow premium players to have access to the DLC a full two weeks earlier than players who choose to purchase the expansion on its own.

This comes hot on the heels of DICE and Electronic Arts releasing a new game mode called Bleed Out into Battlefield 1, just a few weeks earlier. A custom game mode that’s a condensed game of Rush at Fao Fortress with no vehicles, no killcam, no health regeneration, and heavily reduced spawn times.

No official date is known but we can expect the DLC to release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in the near future.