Battlefield 2042 Delay Announcement Imminent - Should Still Release 2021

EA is set to announce a delay to Battlefield 2042 this week.

By Tom Henderson

September 15, 2021

A new swirl of rumors hit the internet this morning, with several reputable gaming insiders suggesting that Battlefield 2042 is expected to receive a delay.

The first bit of information came from gaming journalist and insider Jeff Grubb, stating that another game will be announcing a delay later this week.

Although Jeff’s tweet did not claim that Battlefield 2042 was the game in question, several other gaming insiders started to back up the rumors stating the game was Battlefield 2042. Xbox Era journalist Nick Baker and YouTube Dealer were almost immediate to back up the claims that the title was indeed Battlefield 2042.

Initial rumors started to surface that the game might be delayed until 2022, however after speaking with my own sources, it would seem like the delay is going to be only several weeks as opposed to months.

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EA’s lack of communication on Battlefield 2042 could be a small indication that the game has been facing some development issues. Both the Beta date and Hazard Zone are still yet to be announced by EA officially and although I would like to think this is down to smart marketing, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

What’s particularly interesting about the Battlefield 2042 delay rumors though, is that the Battlefield 2042 Beta still seems like it’s scheduled for later this month, with an announcement expected to be made soon.

A delay to Battlefield 2042 shouldn’t be surprising, after all almost all of the major titles developed during the COVID-19 pandemic have faced development issues, with a majority of titles announcing some kind of delay to their release schedules. It’s currently unclear when EA will be making the announcement of the game delay, but the majority of insiders seem to suggest it will be later this week.

Up until now, Battlefield 2042 is still scheduled to release on  PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC on October 22nd.

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