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Battlefield 2042 Smoke Grenade Glitch Allows You to Disable Smoke Visibility

It needs an urgent fix!

November 29, 2021

Battlefield 2042 smoke grenade glitch will let you see through it with only a few clicks on the pause menu.

Battlefield 2042 launched with several little big bugs on November 19, and although the latest update of the game managed to fix some of the critical issues, a new glitch has been identified by players recently that probably needs an urgent fix.

Glitches in multiplayer games, especially those with a competitive mode could not be tolerated by the community for more than a few days, due to the unfair advantage that they provide for exploiters.

Regarding the fact that Hazard Zone is currently the competitive mode in Battlefield 2042, the new smoke glitch should be fixed as soon as possible before players exploit it more and more. But what is this glitch exactly?

Battlefield 2042 | Gameplay Trailer

Battlefield 2042 | Gameplay Trailer

Battlefield 2042 Smoke Glitch

Smoke grenades are meant to block the sight of enemies temporarily to provide a privilege for you and your team, but what if the enemy gets the ability to see through smoke or even remove its visibility effect? Well, that’s the smoke glitch in Battlefield 2042.

According to a Reddit post shared by Jagsfootball51, you can remove the visibility of smoke that comes out of a smoke grenade as simple as a few clicks.

So, whenever an enemy soldier throws a grenade, you can completely remove its visibility for yourself by visiting the Collections tab for only a second through the pause menu. Once you return to the game, you will spot that there is no smoke and you can see everyone clearly, while the smoke does exist for other players.

Prior to this, there were a few glitches for Dozer’s Ballistic Shield and the Prox Sensor throwable, which didn’t receive urgent fixes from the developer, though they were disabled until the fix arrives.

Seemingly, the same thing would probably happen for the smoke grenade. With the next update of the game scheduled for earlier in December 2021, players might not be able to use smoke grenades until the update’s release date.

Battlefield 2042 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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