Battlefield 3 is 720p on Consoles? You Betcha

on September 7, 2011 9:05 AM

You read the title, your heart is pounding in exhilaration, and you can’t wait to get your hands on Battlefield 3.  This is pretty much a daily routine with most of us as the game approaches its release. And as we impatiently wait for the game to hit store shelves, we’re constantly updated with information regarding the game’s console version and what we are to expect.

This week it’s DICE’s Johan Andersson revealing that the console version of Battlefield 3 uses black lines at the top and bottom of the screen to fill a 720p resolution, which has helped improve the game’s performance.

“[Battlefield 3] is 1280×704 on both PS3 and 360,” tweeted Andersson. “Removing a few lines from 720p saves good performance and memory for us.”

“We have tiny eight-pixel black bars that often are invisible due to overscan — scaling would just ruin the picture,” Andersson explained in a response to a question by Digital Foundry.

While you’re there kicking and screaming and clenching your fists in anger, know that many games this generation have gone far below 720p, including Activision’s very own Call of Duty: Black Ops — which ran in 1040×608 on the Xbox 360, and a “whopping” 960×544 on the PlayStation 3.

While Battlefield 3 is slated to run at a resolution of 720p, the game is said to be running at 30FPS on consoles. Black Ops, however, ran at a smooth 60FPS.

Relax, folks. Although there are some graphical differences between the PC and the console versions of the game, I’m sure that the experience, in the end, will still be an amazing one. Of course, one just has to wait and see on release day.

The question here is: Would you rather have a great looking game that doesn’t natively run at 60FPS? Or would you sacrifice a bit of visuals in order to have a “smoother” running game?

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